DIY Flower Bar

Create a blooming sensation at your event with our DIY Flower Bar! Fresh, unique blooms add a special touch to your gathering. Get creative and make it a memorable occasion (without breaking the bank). Arrange your own fun! Flowers in season (April-October) come from the flower farm.  

  • What you get: Flower Bar (12 bucket stand or a wooden stand is used for smaller group sizes)plus paper for wrapping stems, flowers, fillers and greens depending on the bouquet size you choose

How it Works:

  • Choose your bouquet size (priced per person)
  • Enter the number of guests in the number box

If you don’t have a final guest count, enter the most likely amount of people that will attend.  Guest can be added later and you will be billed separately for those additional guests.  

* All items will need to be picked up from the flower shop.  Please make sure to have room for the stand (folded for travel) and buckets of flowers in your vehicle.

*The flower bar needs to be booked at least 3 weeks in advance.  I recommend booking early to save the date for your event.  

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