Our Story


Hi!  I'm Jenelle.  A flower loving girl following a dream!  It all started with a desire to be creative and run my own business.  I love being outside, walking through nurseries and taking trips to Longwood Gardens. Caring for flowers and bringing that beauty to others inspires me. 

I am a former nurse turned flower farmer, growing beautiful, fragrant, heirloom cut flowers just like my Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers grew. Flowers meant so much to them.  One of my Grandmothers who is 96, still grows beautiful roses to take to friends living in nursing homes.  She is truly an inspiration! 

Ever since I was young I would pick flowers from my yard to make simple bouquets.  In college I would shock my then boyfriend, now dear husband, by picking flowers from the college campus or nearby arboretum.  I would fill my dorm room with those sweet smelling blooms.  Today, I have branched out into flower farming.  Growing non-traditional flowers, like my Grandmother grew.  My desire is to bring you seasonal blooms that you can sink your face into and smell the wonderful  flowers that actually have a scent! I want to make the flowers that professional florist use, accessible to you. 

Let me share about how I started growing flowers.  In 2014 I read an article in Martha Stewart magazine about a farmer florist from WA.  She grew romantic flowers on her small scale farm, along with making unique arrangements.  It resonated with me.  However, it felt to big and to impossible.  I had no farm-able land and so the dream was put on hold.  Four years later I was given a book written by the same flower farmer featured in MS.  The dream was again alive, but still seemed out of reach.  While spending an evening visiting friends, I shared my dream of growing flowers.  Being farmers themselves, they kindly offered some of their land to me for growing.  I now had the green light to pursue my dream.

I began searching for other growers locally and started following farmer florists all across the US.  I took classes on floral arranging and Floret's six week course on how to grow flowers commercially.  Immersing myself in the floral industry to learn everything I could.  As I listened to seasoned flower farmers, one in particular mentioned the need for new growers to "find their own niche."  What resources did I have that others didn't?  

My late Grandfather had a collection of antique cars.  Could I sell flowers from a cool vintage vehicle?  

One day I saw an Instagram post with a bouquet of fresh flowers with a sticker mentioning a flower truck.  What!  I googled it and immediately knew it was the answer I was looking for.  I had no idea this was a way to sell flowers and it felt like finding a missing puzzle piece.

Enter Olivia!  She is a beautifully cared for vintage 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Rampside pickup truck.  Only 851 were ever made and of those only several hundred still exist.  It was such a joyous event when my husband and I found her!  She is truly a rare treasure. 

I can't wait to meet you, and for you to meet Olivia and see the fresh seasonal flowers I lovingly grow.  I hope you are inspired to get creative with gorgeous blooms fresh from the garden.  May you also be inspired to follow your dream whatever your age or current occupation.