1. Who is Olivia?
    2. Olivia is our beautiful vintage 1964 Chevy Corvair Rampside.  She is extremely rare!  Only 851 Rampside's were made and of those only several hundred still exist today!                                                              
    3. How are flowers sold on the truck? 
    4. Flowers are sold by the individual stem.  
    5. Where will Olivia be located?                                                                                          See Schedule on main menu
    6. What days are you open and what are your hours?                                                    Order anytime through our website.  Delivery days are Wednesday and Friday.  Flower truck can be found most Saturdays.  See schedule on main page. 
    7. Do you do rentals?                                                                                                      Yes!  You can rent the truck for any kind of event in the Lancaster area.  Please email us at:  contact@oliviasflowertruck.com
    8. What floral services do you offer?                                                                                          We offer arrangements, bouquet subscriptions, wedding flowers, and rental of Olivia for events and weddings. Please email us with requests contact@oliviasflowertruck.com.
    9. Do you do delivery orders in Olivia?                                                                          No, but we do have a fun delivery vehicle! 
    10. What is the price range of the flowers on the truck?                                               The flowers range in price from $1-$5 per stem.  
    11. What kind of flowers will be in the bouquets or subscriptions deliveries?             We include fresh seasonal flowers and greenery in your bouquets.  We try to source locally grown flowers from Olivia’s Flower Farm and other local growers and then from a large local wholesaler when local flowers are not available.