Late Winter

February 07, 2020

Late Winter

Late winter leaves us longing for spring.  We dream of warm breezes and green plants.  Fresh flowers and signs of life in general!  

This time of year is necessary!  It's a time of rest for nature.  It's a time of quiet reflection.  It's a time to evaluate and look deep inside. 

Late winter brings an appreciation and hope of what is to come.  During late winter, I plan for my next season, I calculate planting schedules and design the garden.  I have hopes and dreams for the growing season ahead.  I also evaluate the numbers and face reality.  It can be a very hard time.  A time where reality may be different than my desires.  I remind myself that it's ok.  Growth doesn't happen overnight.  It may even lie quietly dormant for a while, just like late winter.

During this time, I also face uncertainty.  Will anything actually grow?  It's risky business being a farmer!  I also face the uncertainty of business.  Will I have places to park the truck?  Will anyone actually buy what I'm offering?    

Late winter is a time for fearlessness.  It's a time to look at what didn't work in the past year, make a new plan and then move forward in fearless anticipation.  I am fully aware that many new start ups don't make it.  Failure is a part of life.  I will and have made mistakes and I will and have taken miss steps.  However, I don't want those failures to keep me from moving forward!     

Late winter can be dark, but it is necessary.  It creates depth.  It creates a desire to see sunshine filled days, with lots of green and all the colors and beauty of nature.  

And so, onward I go!  I hope you join me for this new season ahead!

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Barb Miller
Barb Miller

March 13, 2020

Enjoyed reading!!

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