Hi!  Welcome to Olivia's Flower Truck.  You may be wondering, who is Olivia?  It is the name of the beautiful truck.  And if I'm honest, I also just like the name Olivia.  So there you have it!  

Lessons from the Farm:  A New Start

Ever try to do something new?  New things can be really exciting and at first seem totally doable.  Then you meet failure.  For example, I planned to start most of the flowers I would grow this season from seed that I started myself.  Sounds easy right?  Wrong.  Ok, maybe it doesn't sound easy, but I had high hopes and was armed with lots of information.   Sure, some seeds are rather simple, but most are not.  They are sensitive to light and temperature.  Some need to be covered by a lot of dirt, others sit on top of the soil.  I had poor germination rates for some things that are difficult to start from seed.  That meant I had to go back to the drawing board and re-do all my plans for the farm.  Every single flower bed got changed.  It also meant I had to spend more money to buy plugs (plants that someone else more experienced started from seed and then proceeds to charge me big bucks for)! 

It's really hard to start to new things.  I have had moments of feeling totally overwhelmed and thinking, "why am I doing this?"  I have also had moments of being in complete awe after a conversation with someone who gets so excited about the flower truck.  It's those conversations that carry me through the tough times of feeling completely overwhelmed at everything that needs to get done. 

I hope to inspire you to do something new.  Learn something new, start something new.  GO for it.  It may forever change your life!