Petite Wrap

Bring a smile to someone's face by gifting them an adorable petite flower bouquet. Any day can be made beautiful with the addition of our sweet wrap, and we have the most charming blossoms to brighten up your day.

The type of flowers may differ depending on the time of year and their availability, but you can trust our florists to handpick the freshest and most attractive seasonal blooms for your bouquet.

  • All grown locally from my garden, or when out of season, from a wholesaler
  •  Delivery days are Wednesday and Friday.  Orders placed Thursday-Monday are delivered on Wednesday.  Orders placed Tuesday-Wednesday are delivered Friday.  
  • Please use the delivery address as the shipping address during the checkout process

If you have a message you’d like to include, you will find a notes section at the bottom of the cart page.  Please keep to 25 words or less!!  Complete this before going through the checkout process.  Thank you! 

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